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Please help, no Database connection :(


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Hello Community,

now I have a problem. I dont get any connection to the database.

Those were my steps:

1.  C:\RAGEMP\server-files\ragemp-mysql

2. I did an npm install mysql on C:\RAGEMP\server-files\ragemp-mysql. C:\RAGEMP gave me warnings, so it must be C:\RAGEMP\server-files\ragemp-mysql.

3. Database is on localhost, user is root and no password is set and I imported ragemp-mysql.sql in my database ragemp-mysql.

4. Server Starts up, i join the game and there is no regestration and after reconnect I spawn at the default spawn point.

Also there is no hint in the cmd at startup, that there is any database connection.

Could you please help me, I really want this feature so bad :(

I tried FiveM the last days, but I couldnt convert XML files to YMAP.

RAGEMP works with json so I hope I can convert XML to json.


Greetings from Germany

Sebastian Peisl

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I follewed this guide:

# RageMP MySQL Template
This is a template of a very basic login/registration system you can implement into your gamemode to get started. This template only stores usernames and passwords(encrypted with BCrypt) so anything extra will need to be implemented yourself.

## Installation
Either download the source from [RageMP](https://rage.mp) or by getting it from here. You'll also need to have a MySQL server setup, either using WAMP/XAMPP/or from a server. To keep this short I will not go through setting these up, simply Google 'How to setup WAMP' for example to get it setup.

1. Unzip the source and place it inside of your server files folder.
2. Open your command prompt and change your directory to your server folder. Then do 'npm install' to install the required node_modules.
3. Go to your database, create a new database and call it whatever you want (Inside the script it is called ragemp-mysql). Once created, import the ragemp-mysql.sql into your newly created database.
3. Go to packages/mysql/mysql.js and open it. At the top is the connection info, change this to whatever your IP and MySQL username/password is. If you're hosting this locally and you haven't made/changed the MySQL info, the default should be fine.
4. You're all set to go.
## Known Issues
- All current known issues will be placed under the issues tab. If there's an issue and it isn't listed there, please create a new issue or contact me.

## Contribution
I'm more than happy for anyone to contribute and fix up anything, and I'm happy for anyone to create Issues if there's a fault they found/any suggestions to make this better.

## Contact
- Discord: MrPancakers#9283
- RageMP Forums: https://rage.mp/profile/5511-mrpancakers/



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