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[MODS] Help with Radiance V


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So Currently I'm working on mods packs for RageMP Servers but I have come to a dead end.
I have amazing mods that are actually working, but.

These mods complements with a mod Called Radiance V. Witch helps with the lighting system.(Linked at the end)
I have come to a close solution were I have place the visualSettings.dat on the DLC but the game is not replacing or loading the file at all.



I have tried adding it to the content.xml



But all with failed attempts. And to be honest on fileType I do not know what I can place so the game loads the file.

Also I had tried doing the normal installation of the mod as the steps shown in the guide, with the mod folder of OpenIV, but range do not load at all those mods. Also I have tried with out the mod folder, meaning right in to the game files. And RageMP does not let open the game since the files had been modified.

So any suggestion would actually help. Note: The DLC actually works couse it does load the modified vehicles.

Here is the link:


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