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GTA:O Custom Ped Face Synchronization


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I've just implemented (C# server-side, JS client-side) a character creation with custom faces/hair features (using setFaceFeature, setComponentVariation, setHairColor, setEyeColor and whatsoever).

As those are client-sided scripts, I assume they're not natively synced with the another players in the server. Is there any C# clientside API to customize GTA:O characters and make them stream synced, or I have to do that syncing client-sided on my on? (E.g.: Once a player logs in, he reads the shared data of all clients and apply each of them faces to him, and also streams his face to the players that are already connected to the server so they can update this information too once they stream the player)

If the latter (having to sync on my on) what's the best way to do it? On player connect event or some onentitystreamin function?


Thanks in advance.

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