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I would like to Record some Cinemtics with a friend and edit it in the Rockstar Editor. So I want to host my own server, have them Join and Play around. Now the Question is, can I somehow get the Rockstar Editor enabled? I saw some entrys from 2018 telling me to enable client-side API but it would crash. However I didn't find any settings and as by default I already use client-side packages. I don't know if client-Side api is something else. But if it is possible to enable the Rockstar Editor can someone tell me how to do it?


On a sidenote, is it possible to use Trainers like Menyoo or do I need to script all that functionality by myself if I want to use it in RageMP? 

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For anyone wondering about the same question. You can mod it. See this: https://wiki.rage.mp/index.php?title=Recorder::start

Recorder Start will (probably) start the recording for the Rockstar Editor. However, the game still will crash if you do it at this point. I tried for a long time now. Didn't seem to get it to work.

I feel like the Rockstar editor is not a very big thing for RageMP so I wouldn't wonder when this bug stays for a while. 

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