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Using RageMP with Standard (Non-Admin) Account


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For normal activities, I use a non-admin account on Windows 10. I'm not sure how atypical that makes me, but...

When I installed RageMP, I had to supply admin credentials for the installation to work. This is very typical.

The first sign of trouble was that the desktop shortcut was placed on the desktop of that same admin account, and not that account I was using.

That's not too big of an issue. I just moved it to the right place.

The bigger problem is that, every time I start RageMP, it asks for admin credentials. It appears that the application is trying to update itself every time, and needs admin credentials to make the attempt.

My last (and biggest) problem is that, once I click on a server, it loads up the standard GTA V game, and not the server.

I would truly appreciate any help with these issues.



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