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RAGEMP RPServer-side and deceivers


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SERVER-SIDE download
Unzip password: 98039560


This is the server-side I bought at 180USD in the hands of a scammer. He claimed to support me for 10 days. When the server-side sent me, he said that his computer was broken and wanted me to buy him some money For computer accessories, I paid him 140USD again, and then he ignored me and blocked me in whatsapp

I have not made any changes to the server-side. You can modify and use it at will.

Don't go to that liar.

The scammer's Discord: skazi # 5686

The scammer's Whatsapp: +55 22 99209-2809

The scammer's paypal: [email protected]

This is the bill I paid him


Dynamic business system
Clothes store with 300+ clothes in a list with sync of undershit
General Store
Weapon Store
Car Dealership
Boat Dealership
Truck Delaership
Plane Dealership
Barber Shop
Barber Shop
Ilegal Jobs
Weed farm
Cocaine farm
Robbery Player
Dynamic Faction System

Los Santos PD (all functions of PD, cuff, arrest, drag, and others...)
EMLS (all functions of EMLS)
Grove Street Family (Function  to robbery stores, robbery banks, turf wars)
Front Yard Ballas (Function  to robbery stores, robbery banks, turf wars)
Mafia Yakuza (function to robbery bank, stores, and sell weapons)
Mafia Russian (function to robbery bank, stores, and sell weapons)
Other Systems
Vehicle Engine System
Player Vehicle System
ATM System
Backpack System
Mask System
Unknow player system 
Animation system with shortcut
Local voice system
Phone CEF System with voice call
Helmet system
Death system with CEF
Dynamic Entrace System
Pointfinger system
GTA V Sky Position system
Seatbelt system
Realtime and weather dynamic system
Characters system
Character creation CEF system
Inventory System CEF System
Whitelist manage system
Fuel System
Robbery NPC System
Robbery Player System
Robbery Bank System
8 Type of Jobs (mechanic, taxi, trucker, farm, salt farm, drug farm, food delivery and others)
Backpack system
Vehicle Damage system
Level System
VIP System
VIP Store System
Boombox system with radios of web (still in beta)
Vehicle radio system with radios of web (still in beta)
Cinema System
Lottery System
Bux System

and others...
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i know this guy, its from my country(Brazil) he is not even a programmer, he just copy & paste parts of SA:MP gamemodes and pass it to C#, i have the entire gamemode here with client-side, mods, etc, i'm uploading the entire thing and i will post here, but i 'll advice: this gm is a entire big pile of shit, dont use it, even for study, you dont wanna learn correctly with this gm.

Download Link: http://www.dropbox.com/s/wi64ojksvrs8n35/GT-RP.rar?dl=1

This version of the gm is modified by me, some bug fixes and server name has been modified too, but only this, i dont create any type of script, just fix some bugs.


its a shame for me and my country to have this type of ppl around.

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