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Looking for a developer (Serious)


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Hello all, 

I am currently in search of a serious developer to kick off a project currently in progress. 

I am not looking for a web designer, or someone with little to no experience. Not under the age of 18. I apologize if this sounds "arrogant", but not interested in wasting your time or my time. 

Currently, we are a team of 3 (web dev, software engineer, and me - an engineer as well) in other endeavors. Looking to add a third developer to concentrate specifically in developing GTA V RP (rage.mp) in English. Communication wise, as long as you can communicate in English or Spanish - that should be fine :) 

If interested, PM me your GitHub or projects you have published and Discord. 

Thanks in advance!

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22 minutes ago, MrPancakers said:

You should mention what language developer you're looking since there's multiple.

Indeed! thanks for the suggestion. English or Spanish is fine. We are fluent in both. The server to be programmed in English. 

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7 minutes ago, MrPancakers said:

Sorry I should of been more specific, I meant coding language like JavaScript or C#

I should have assumed :). I am not extremely familiar with Rage.MP or its support for either JavaScript or C#. But I would say, ideally both. There are some graphical aspects of TypeScript and Vue.JS that I see beneficial factors in rage.mp... but not looking for an expert in a specific language... just an overall good engineer that can make things happen in any language he/she is comfortable with.

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