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how to make activation menu


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Somwhere in your code you have to create browser by using mp.browsers.new(<html path>). You can have some event that is called that creates it. Or you can bind it to some key.
For example you can have it binded to the key "I":

let browser;
// 0x49 = I
mp.keys.bind(0x49, true, () => {
    if(browser === undefined) {
      // Activation of page
        browser = mp.browsers.new("package://yourpackage/index.html");
        mp.gui.cursor.show(true, true);
    } else {
      // If browser exist destroy it
        browser = undefined;
        mp.gui.cursor.show(false, false);

Also mp.gui.cursor.show(true, true); makes player uncontrollable with keyboard and mouse, and shows cursor on screen.

There might be better way to toggle browser but i use it that way.

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