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[HELP] TypeError: n.setNeonColour is not a function


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The function: vehicle.setNeonColour  just stop working. Yeterday was all right, now got error. 

mp.events.add("modNeonColor", (player, modvalue) => {
    let vehicle = player.vehicle;
    misc.log.debug(`${player.name} Tuning - Neon Color: ${modvalue}`);
	if (modvalue == "Remove") { vehicle.neonEnabled = false; }
	else { 
		vehicle.setNeonColour(parseInt(modvalue.split(",")[0]), parseInt(modvalue.split(",")[1]), parseInt(modvalue.split(",")[2]));
		vehicle.neonEnabled = true;

The console shows up:
Tuning - Neon Color: 0, 255, 255

And i got the error on console:


TypeError: n.setNeonColour is not a function

How fix it, please?

thank you!

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