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Starting programming and learning with a server?

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Hi. Sorry for my bad English.

Do you think I could make a server while I learn to program? (use it as a project).


I ask this because maybe making a server requires another level of programming experience (eg in JavaScript).

And about the language programming..., between C# and JS, I would like to use JS only (for both sides) Is it possible?

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Yes, it is possible, i started programming years ago with GTA san andreas (SAMP), now there are 4 years that i work full time as a developer.

Making gamemode, scripts, or even small games is very good to improve the learning speed, because you enoy the result and it gives you more will to learn and do more.


and yes, you can use js for both sides.

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It's more helpful if you understand the language before getting straight into development. I'd look over Javascript first and understand the basics, otherwise it's useless if you don't know what you're coding.

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Hi, if you plan to try what it is, take c # - it is a little easier. If it is aimed at creating something more, then ws. I work with c # server side, and there are some idle, unfinished functions
Привет, если ты планируешь попробовать что это, бери с# - он немного проще. Если же нацелен на создание чего то большего, то жс. Работаю с с# сервер сиде, и есть некоторые нерабочие, недоделанные функции

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