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[HELP] RageSurvival Install, please


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I'm having some troubles to run the resource RageSurvival:


My folder's structure are:

RAGEMP\server-files-Zombies => https://prnt.sc/s3xns8


RAGEMP\server-files-Zombies\RageSurvival ==> https://prnt.sc/s3xoul

And the app.js config file RAGEMP\server-files-Zombies\RageSurvival :

let source_server = "D:/RAGEMP/server-files-Zombies/RageSurvival/server"
let dest_server = "D:/RAGEMP/server-files-Zombies/packages/RageSurvival"
let source_client = "D:/RAGEMP/server-files-Zombies/RageSurvival/client"
let dest_client = "D:/RAGEMP/server-files-Zombies/client_packages/RageSurvival"

I've installed MongoDB, NodeJS and all npm packages (install.bat):

npm i rage-rpc --save
npi i md5 --save
npm i watchify --save
npm i ncp --save
npm i node-watch --save
npm i fs --save
npm i async --save
npm i mongoose --save
npm i uglifyify --save
npm i

Before start the server i exec at the folder RAGEMP\server-files-Zombies\RageSurvival :

watchify client/development/index.js -o client/index.js

It stays on the same line... I don't knew if it is right...

After i open another cmd and exec too at the same 
RAGEMP\server-files-Zombies\RageSurvival folder:

node app.js

After that i open the server (server.exe) that is in folder: D:\RAGEMP\server-files-Zombies

The server starts okay, t think: https://prnt.sc/s3xtee

But always after i connect to the game, the server just closes, the map load somethings but i lost connection to the server (because it closes).

P.S: I installed latest MongoDB with standard configs. I did not change on the server conf any db configs too. I noticed that it creates the database, so i believe its all right with the database:


Any tip how to fix it and join the server, please?

Thank you very much, have a nice day!

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