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Hello everyone, help me find the animation I need animation on pressing a keychain and on a handshake.

Write a script for these animations,  please.

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Hey Buddy, you need to use some flags to handle any animation normally that you choose and you can use this scripts for Server-Side and Client-Side with Keybinds.

--------------------------	Add this script to your Server-Side (C#)	--------------------------
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Text;
using GTANetworkAPI;

namespace Roleplay.Animations
    class Animations : Script
      	/// You should add these flags to your script
        public enum AnimationFlags
            Loop = 1 << 0,
            StopOnLastFrame = 1 << 1,
            OnlyAnimateUpperBody = 1 << 4,
            AllowPlayerControl = 1 << 5,
            Cancellable = 1 << 7
      /// Start Animation with Numpad " 1 "
      public void FingerPointAnimation(Client client)
        NAPI.Player.PlayPlayerAnimation(client, (int)(AnimationFlags.Loop | AnimationFlags.OnlyAnimateUpperBody |AnimationFlags.AllowPlayerControl), "[email protected]@[email protected]", "gesture_point");
      /// Stop Animation with Numpad " 0 "
      public void StopAnimation(Client client)

--------------------------	Add this script to your Client-Side (js)	--------------------------

mp.keys.bind(0x61, true, function() {
    mp.events.callRemote("OnPlayerFingerPoint"); // Numb = 1

mp.keys.bind(0x60, true, function() {
    mp.events.callRemote("OnPlayerStopAnimation"); // Numb = 0

make index.js file then paste js script to your Client-Side, Don't forget to save " require('./index.js') " to your main index file for recognize your source.

You can use Call Remote to call animation that you want to use simply.


Also you can Download a txt file have source of GTA V animations.

here is the link: https://easyupload.io/gbtybz

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