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callRemote is not working?


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Hello, I'm trying to create key binds, following this: https://wiki.rage.mp/index.php?title=Key::bind

In clientside, I have this (client_packages/index.js)

// Key F2 Press
mp.keys.bind(0x71, true, function() {
    mp.events.callRemote('keypress:F4'); // Calling server event "keypress:F2"
    mp.gui.chat.push('F2 key is pressed.');

This shows the message "F2 key is pressed" on the chat.

Serverside I have this (packages/index.js)

mp.events.add("keypress:F2", (player) => {
	player.outputChatBox("Server response: OK");

But this is not working, like it's not calling the event.

Anyone knows why it's happening? I've tried everything and nothing it's working...

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