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C# GetPlayerHeadOverlay returning weird value.

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I am working on a character creation system and I am trying to recieve the set values which have been set client-wise but it returns some odd values while trying to store it in the database server-side.

This is what it returns serverside: 

FACIAL HAIR: 40 | 40 | NEW: 40


int characterFacialHair = NAPI.Player.GetPlayerHeadOverlay(player, 1).Index;
            Console.WriteLine("FACIAL HAIR: " + characterFacialHair + " | " + NAPI.Player.GetPlayerHeadOverlay(player, 1).Index + " | NEW: " + player.GetHeadOverlay(1).Index);

And on clientside it just sets it properly I quess:



mp.events.add('customizeCharacterFace', (index, scale) => {
    mp.gui.chat.push("Character activated! ");
    let indexNumber = Number(index);
    let overlay = scale;
    mp.players.local.setFaceFeature(indexNumber, overlay);
    mp.gui.chat.push("Character updated! " + overlay + " | " + indexNumber + " | HEAD: " + mp.players.local.getFaceFeature(1));

I use HTML range which have a value of the the indexes of setFaceFeature so for the facial hair it's 0-28 and you see on the clientside debug it sets it properly but somehow still returns weird on the server-side because 40 should be out of range?


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Why you do "NAPI.Player.GetPlayerhHeadOverlay(player, 1).Index"?

I think the function is something like this: 

NAPI.Player.GetPlayerHeadOverlay(Client player, int index);

Try directly this:

NAPI.Player.GetPlayerHeadOverlay(player, index);

And test it.

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Posted (edited)
Console.WriteLine("FACIAL HAIR: " + characterFacialHair + " | " + NAPI.Player.GetPlayerHeadOverlay(player, 1) + " | NEW: " + player.GetHeadOverlay(1));


FACIAL HAIR: 136 | GTANetworkAPI.HeadOverlay | NEW: GTANetworkAPI.HeadOverlay

Hence why I used the .index to display the index component of the Object.

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I dont know, if that function that u're using matches your behavior (never used that before).


1. do your char-creation fully clientside and generate a JSON string after character settings got applied.
2. send your JSON string to the server via player.callRemote("server.character.appearance.save", json);
3. take that json, write it into the database or convert it via Newtonsoft into your caracter class and do whatever you like with that

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