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Send variables to CEF


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Hello! I’m adding new content to my gamemode and I want to show some variables in a CEF HUD I have done.

I’ve created a new browser in Client-Side but I have the variables on the Server-Side. I want to show in a DIV the Admin level, player name, etc. and this variables are stored in server. How I can send the variables to the client-side and then show this variables on my CEF?


There’s any good tutorial about CEF?


P.S. I’m not using C#, everything is wrote on JS.

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there is a "road to follow"

You have to go from server -> client -> cef

so add an event in clientside and call it from server with ur variables passed

mp.events.call("clientSideEvent", myVariables);

than in that clientside event you can pass the variables to your cef window with browser.execute();


its could be like an array that u can handle in ur cef function

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Yay! Thanks!

One question, it's possible that if I have a CEF during the gameplay the Weapon Selector Menu (that comes with default in GTA 5) doesn't shows up? I press TAB but the menu doesn't show...

Edit 1:
I think it's because displayHud is setted to FALSE automatically when CEF opens. Anyone knows any solution for that?

Edit 2:
Solved, added 


when CEF is created

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