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Visual Studio Code Warning + Server console Close.


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Yestarday i started a tutorial from youtube and i wanted to learn something but i'm stuck in this point and i can't find the solution.

When i tried to install the gtanetwork with 0.3.7 on the Project i got a warning in the Visual Studio Code: MSB3270 about Bootstrapper.dll and nuget packages (and they are not showing in the project on "Dependencies".
Also, i said.. okay, a warning.. maybe it doesn't affect anything. Then i put in the "gamemode" a simple command of creating vehicle that i made and i started the server.
In the server console i got another warning.. alright.

I joined the server, it works, i can move there and type in the chat, but when i try to type ANY-COMMAND even if i have only one, the server-console closes and the server get shut down.

I'm gonna leave you some pics and maybe you can help me guys, thank you so much !



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