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Problema con PAYDAY


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Buenas, comencé a desarrollar un payday pero no se en que fallé ya que no sale en ningun momento. La idea es que salga cada cierto tiempo automaticamente!. Gracias!

  public void GeneratePlayerPayday(Client player)
            NAPI.Task.Run(() =>
                PlayerInfo pInfo = PlayerHelper.GetPlayerStats(player);
                int level = pInfo.level;
                int exp = pInfo.exp;
                pInfo.exp = exp + 1;

                if (pInfo.exp == pInfo.level * 4)
                    pInfo.level = level + 1;
                    NAPI.Chat.SendChatMessageToPlayer(player, $"NEW LEVEL ¨{pInfo.level}");
                NAPI.Chat.SendChatMessageToPlayer(player, $"PAY DAY.");
            }, delayTime: 3000);


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