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Running two instances of RAGE MP on two different computers using the same license copy from R* SC


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Hey there,

So I've recently purchased a licensed copy of GTA V from R* SC and am planning to play  RAGEMP with the same copy installed on two different computers in my house connected via LAN. I just wish to know if it's feasible or would RAGEMP not allow connections from the same copy?


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So I just installed Rage MP and when I start it on one computer it immediately starts R* SC and asks me to Sign In. Can I start another instance of Rage MP on the other computer as well with R* SC and play simultaneously?

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En 29/04/2020 a las 15:58, Xabi dijo:

Bueno, hay una opción para ejecutar varias instancias en la misma PC, así que supongo que no tendrás ningún problema si ejecutas el juego en dos computadoras diferentes, incluso si es la misma licencia.

Is it still possible to have multiple instances of rage on the same PC?

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