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How to make speedmeter ?

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sianbg    0

Hi, i want to  make speedmeter for vehicles. Is there any easy way to do this ? I know it depends on change of X,Y,Z for unit of time(dt). Is there anyone who can show me mathematical formulas ? Can i use player.position in Client side ? Sorry for my bad english :(

Edit: I found this:

(((x ^ 2) + (y ^ 2) + (z ^ 2)) * 100) * 1.6)

I can get velocity with this . I'll try it later.

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on the client side:

let { x, y, z } = mp.players.local.position;


let x = mp.players.local.position.x;
let y = mp.players.local.position.y;
let z = mp.players.local.position.z;

like u want


to get the speed u can use getSpeed()


let playerVehicleSpeed = mp.players.local.vehicle.getSpeed();


But pay attention, becouze there is not truly speed

you should to multiply ur speed to get real kmh or mph

let kmh = (playerVehicleSpeed * 3.6);
let mph = (playerVehicleSpeed * 2.236936);


to visualize ur speedometer u can use canvas
there is a lot of tutorials and example scripts or already complete works in the google

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