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help installing server


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hi been a while since i used the server but its not downloading the right files there is no server.exe only ragemp-server.exe. so i have downloded the server.exe elsewere but its not working with any resource  like the welcomemessages or admin it crashes on client connect.

tried just using the ragemp-server.exe instead but cant get it to load any recources from /bridge/resources also just says ERROR: Necessary "resources" folder does not exist!  so not sure were its trying to load them from

so confused as last time everything was there and worked not sure what am doing wrong?



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Use 'ragemp-server.exe', that is the new 'server.exe'.

With the new server version, you don't need to do the bridge anymore.

So instead, what you need to do, is move the 'resources' folder inside the 'dotnet' folder.

And then execute 'ragemp-server.exe' and you should no longer receive the 'Necesarry "resources" folder does not exist!' and everything should work like before.

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