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CEF Variables `undefined`


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Hello, I'm passing variables from client-side to my CEF page.


mp.events.add("fillDiv", (player, id, money, name) => {
	inventoryUI.execute(`fillMyDiv(\`"${id}, ${money}, ${name}"\`);`);
	// in console, the values shows good

main.js (included as script in money.html):

function fillMyDiv(id, money, name) {
    var table = document.getElementById("container_inv");
    table.innerHTML += "<div name="+id+">($"+money+") - "+ name+ "</div>";

Im getting

($undefined) - undefined


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inventoryUI.execute(`fillMyDiv("${id}", "${money}", "${name}");`);



table.innerHTML += `<div name="${id}">($ ${money}) - ${name}</div>`;

to tidy up your string a bit

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