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how to get vehicle speed serverside?


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i'm making a sistem where i need to get the player's vehicle speed server-side.

Entity::getSpeed() works only on client side.

Any way to do it? I thought about sending it constantly with an event from client to the server, but i'm afraid that some malicious values can be sent with cheats 


Edit: Found out, here is the function i wrote in case someone else needs it

function getVehSpeed(vehicle){
  let velocity = vehicle.velocity;
  return (Math.sqrt((velocity.x * velocity.x) + (velocity.y * velocity.y) + (velocity.z * velocity.z)) * 3.6);

it returns the speed in km/h, for other measurements you can calculate it easly

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not every speed, just some vehicles in special cases.

i have a farmer job where you have to drive around for 120 seconds at more than 25 km/h and there is a one second interval that checks every player that is doing that job, if his speed is > 25km/h then it decreases the time value (initial 120) with 1.


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There are multiple ways you can do this, some would be:

1. Do the speed calculations client side and return the value to the server, for each player that is doing the job? (In this case, you'd make a call to the client from the server, every second for every player that performs the 'farmer job')

2. Do the whole logic client side? From the server, you just trigger a client event, that starts the 120 seconds timer and continuously tracks player's speed? And when the timer is up, just trigger a server event? 

Not exactly sure what is your context, but if each player that does the job should have their own timer (and not a general timer for everyone, like a race) I'd suggest going with the second part.

I used a similar mechanic for driving license and went with the second solution, everything worked fine.


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