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GTA V Exited Unexpectedly


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So my Rage client has suddenly started crashing yesterday. I checked my windows updates and the only thing that installed either yesterday or the day before was a driver for a webcam that I have since uninstalled to be safe. I have alse reinstalled rage multiple times, removing the RAGEMP folder each time. I install my files to C:/RAGEMP and nowhere else. I've also tried to reinstall my VC++ to no avail. I can still open GTA normally and I have verified integrity of game files. There is also an odd pop up I haven't seen before that happens just after install ends that I will attactch a screenshot of. I will also attatch a snip of what I find in event viewer. I've played on the server fine on this device for almost two weeks to hardware isnt the problem but just incase I lowered my graphics settings by going onto normal GTA but that hasn't changed anything.



Strange pop up : spacer.png




Event Viewer:  spacer.png



So anyway, any help would be greatly appriciated :)

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