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.NET Host issue only when trying to connect to 198.168.... or 127.0....


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I'm developing a server alongside the guide provided on the WIKI.

I am able to connect to other servers but I cannot connect to my own server as this issue arises...


I have tried literally all of these steps, OS is up to date, installed all redists and tried all in compatibility mode of 8.1 and ensured all components either are on the same compatibility mode or off them.


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After further investigation I've found that the server-files packaged in the public download for RageMP are 1.1-DP1 BETA builds which do not work with the current client. I found this buy turning "announce" on and got the correct error message. Though the client from the main page seems to be the 1.1-DP1 BETA only 0.3.7 severs seem to work on my client.

Edit #1: Issue is unfixed, still as I think I need the correct (pre 1.1) server files

Edit #2: I managed to get the oldprerelease server files, ran it and connected fine. So all good for now.

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