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A few Questions


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I am fairly new to this there are a ton of things and very little information out there so i hope to get a few answers to my questions
Currently i am using JavaScript for client side and server side on a windows Hosted machine. Yes i know Linux and C# for client side are more efficient but that's what i went with to start learning 

1)  A script that lock/unlocks a car and turns it's engine on and off with different buttons on the keyboard


2) How to set up a fuel script so that if a vehicle runs out of fuel it's engine shits off

2.1) I am also trying to figure out how to setup a fuel station script that way a player can refuel at a gas station. 


3) and lastly a cruise control script that caps a vehicles speed at the selected speed which is selected by a command and activated by a button press

How would i go about this?
And would it be client side or server side?

Any help is very appreciated and thanks all!

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