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RageMP Linux Client


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This would be amazing, as that'd be the only way I'd be able to play it! I'd be willing to help with debugging and everything.

Currently, the client seems to install fine and the starting UI runs well. I can select a server and I see the Rockstar logo right before the game tries to launch and crashes. (I'm not familiar with RageMP's crash logs and stuff but just let me know what I need to get and I'll make it happen!)

Please, let's make this a thing!

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My bad, I should've specified. The game crash I'm getting is with Wine. If I can get it to work with Wine, I'll be more than happy 🙂


Edit: Tried both with Lutris's wine v5.7-8 and Wine Staging v5.14, as well as the latest Proton, and had the same results.

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