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[Help] Single file for multiple locations

Tatu Eugen

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Hello, can someone help me to make one single file this type of script?

Now i use fixcar1.js, fixcar2.js, fixcar3.js for each location with coordonates, can you help me making just a single file and single function instead of new on each file...

For example:

location1 {x: 100, y:100, z:100},

location2 {x: 100, y:100, z:100}, etc.

And working with my script here:

const database = require("../database");

let ArmyColShape = mp.colshapes.newSphere(-338.3977966308594, -136.02488708496094, 38.00962448120117, 5);
mp.events.addCommand('fix', (player) => {
 if (player.isLoggedIn) {
    if(!ArmyColShape.isPointWithin(player.position)) {
        player.outputChatBox("You're not in a car-repair marker.");
    if (player.money < 200) {
        player.outputChatBox("You don't have enough money.");
mp.markers.new(1, new mp.Vector3(-338.3977966308594, -136.02488708496094, 38.00962448120117),2.0,{
    "color": [234, 0, 255, 150],
	"direction": 0,
    "dimension": 0,
    "visible": true
mp.labels.new(`Type /fix to repair`,new mp.Vector3(-338.3977966308594, -136.02488708496094, 39.00962448120117+1),{
    "color": [234,0,255,255],
    "dimension": 0,
    "drawDistance": 100.0,
	"font": 4

Thanks :)

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