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Help freezing player/clientside [JAVASCRIPT]


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Hi all

I've tried using the clientside guides and event guides to no avail. Basically what I want to do here is spawn the player at a certain position when he connects, freeze him, and make him invisible. After he types a certain command, he will be spawned elsewhere, unfrozen, and visible. 

Via the event playerjoin on serverside, along with the function player.spawn, I am able to spawn the player where I want him when he connects, and furthermore, upon the command being executed, I use player.spawn yet again to move him to the location I wanted him. 

However, it appears freezing the player (and probably invisible, but haven't got there yet) is a clientside function. By entering "mp.players.local.freezePosition(false);" into a clientside package, I can freeze the player. I tried setting up an event in clientside and calling it in serverside, but I am still able to do what I want. 

In summary: How can I toggle freezePosition (clientside function) from serverside playerjoin and commands?

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