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Shared Data on Vehicle returns error


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Upon creating of a vehicle I want it to make the data shared and I got the Data stored in a Model.

But for any reason the SetEntityData works but the SetEntitySharedData returns an error?


Newtonsoft.Json.JsonSerializationException: 'Self referencing loop detected for property 'Trailer' with type 'GTANetworkAPI.Vehicle'. Path 'VehicleData.Trailer'.'


public VehicleGameModel(string vehicleName, double vehiclePosX, double vehiclePosY, double vehiclePosZ, float vehicleRotation, int vehicleColor1, int vehicleColor2, string vehicleLicensePlate, bool adminSpawned)
            this.VehicleName = vehicleName;
            this.VehiclePosX = vehiclePosX;
            this.VehiclePosY = vehiclePosY;
            this.VehiclePosZ = vehiclePosZ;
            this.VehiclePosA = vehicleRotation;
            this.VehicleColor1 = vehicleColor1;
            this.VehicleColor2 = vehicleColor2;
            this.VehicleLicensePlate = vehicleLicensePlate;
            this.AdminSpawned = adminSpawned;

            VehicleHash vehicleModel = NAPI.Util.VehicleNameToModel(vehicleName);
            Vector3 vehiclePosition = new Vector3(this.VehiclePosX, this.VehiclePosY, this.VehiclePosZ);

            this.VehicleData = NAPI.Vehicle.CreateVehicle(vehicleModel, vehiclePosition, this.VehiclePosA, this.VehicleColor1, this.VehicleColor2, this.VehicleLicensePlate, 255, true);
            NAPI.Data.SetEntitySharedData(this.VehicleData, DataIndentifier, this);


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