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[Request] Inventory system with working CEF


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Hi guys.

I'm working on my own gamemode. In serverside I'am using C# and clientside JS. I've got a blocker development item in my list, and I didnt find any source or example to learn how to make it so:

I'm looking for an inventory system with UI (CEF/html,css) with C# serverside and JS clientside.

Do you have any source for it? Or just any example to start learning how to make it?

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On 5/31/2020 at 11:58 AM, MrPancakers said:

You could start by looking at the inventory API resource created by root to get an idea

You could also try simply Googling "Game Inventory Systems" and look at tutorials and see how they design their inventories for other ideas too.

It's very easy to use with cef...

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Belive me guys i have no problem with the c#. The only thing is blocking me is the html/css. I've already read that topic, used it but its still just serverside.

What i need is clientside which is using js what is connected to html and css CEF.

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