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RageMP: Connection Lost. Reconnecting....


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As described in the subject, as soon as I join the server it says "Download successful" or whatever at the bottom left, then the picture gets darker and it freezes itself. The bald man is pixelated. Top left "RAGEMP: Connection Lost. Trying to reconnect".

I tried everything.

  • RAGE MP newly installed (2x on different hard drives)
  • Checked GTA for errors
  • VPN connection established
  • client_resources deleted
  • RageMP added as trustworthy in Kaspersky, Kaspersky also deactivated + deactivated every firewall + added the ports to the firewall
  • RageMP executed in compatibility mode
  • RageMP executed as admin
  • Any overlays disabled
  • (Have no mods)
  • I finished the prologue in the single player
  • I have the latest NET Framework version and all Visual C ++ versions


Some information that may be helpful:&thumbnail=1

Windows 10

Thank you!

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