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Rage doesn't launch GTA 5 after chosing server

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Evening, fellas!

Well, I play on a community for about two months and today when I tried to login, the game wouldn't launch.

Rage opens up just fine, no troubles with that, but when I click the server, Rage loads, Rockstar's launcher loads aswell, everything's fine, but when rage is completly loaded, it closes up but doesn't launch the game on the specific server. Any idea what's going on? 

Have a great day!

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Posted (edited)

Found 3 solutions that could help, if anybody else has this problem:

1. Open Steam/Epic games before launching Rage MP.

2. Start Rockstar's game launcher before entering Rage MP.

3. If number 1/2 doesn't work, start your single player game first, quit it and then go on Rage MP and pick the server you want to join. It will launch the game.


Great day, fellas!



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