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Audio problem


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Any solution? I use Voice Meter Banana and it is the same thing. Playing around with the Hrz 44k or 48k on ALL devices seems to solve the issue to me, just need to play around with it - change it to 44k and the program and then change them all back to 48k....

under audio settings > recording  tab > and all the devices there need to match... 


I use an Arctic 7 wireless headset and the microphone works perfect on discord or even on StreamLabs OBS - but only in game ,

when I run the game, I have the issue mentioned above - so I play around with the Hrz and eventually after a couple of minutes of just changing Hrz around it seems to solve, sometimes restarting the computer or just the game helps too.....

Amy solution? cause this issue is regarding programs that help transmin virtual audio cables I guess and RAGE isn't too happy about that?

Of course without voice meter, I think this issue never happened. But I want to use it to play music through my mic and controll the volume of hte game more easily... to hear radio louder and stuff.


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