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Random 1.1 server crash


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I, im creating vehicles with this event

//create vehicle and destroy old vehicle
"sanchezSelected" : (player) =>
            let oldCar = player.getVariable('veh')
            let teamName = player.getVariable('teamName');
            if (oldCar) oldCar.destroy();
            let veh = mp.vehicles.new(mp.joaat('sanchez2'), vehicleData[teamName].Location,
                        locked: false, 
                        heading: vehicleData[teamName].Heading,
                        dimension: 0
            veh.setColor(vehicleData[teamName].Color, vehicleData[teamName].Color);           
            setTimeout( () => {
                player.putIntoVehicle(veh, 0);
                }, 200);        
            player.setVariable('veh', veh);

And when player death i destroy it with this event.

mp.events.add("playerDeath", (player) => {
    let veh = player.getVariable('veh');
    if (veh) setTimeout(() => {
        if (veh) veh.destroy();
    }, 7500);

When i am testing the server solo all work fine but when we are playing more than 2 players spawning cars everytime we die, some random times the server crash and let me this error when the server have to destroy the car in the playerDeath event.

'Expired multiplayer object has been used'

What i'm doing wrong or how i could do this system of create/destroy vehicles? so i can evade the server crash.

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