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Hello guys, 

I have relatively recently started playing on RageMP, and i like to RolePlay in any game i can. 
Currently i am RPing News reporter, and for the server i am in i create newspapers as well as 'TV' where i post recent developement within Los Santos [of our server] for all players to see, and stay up to date.

I have tried really hard, and excuse me if i missed it somewhere, but i would REALLY like to find mod/script or how ever it is called that allows our server to have a reporters big camera.
It is more than important that this camera has zoom, because Paparazzi without zoom is like a Police without a gun, pointless, and i risk my characters life for good pictures way too often.

If you know any such mod/script, or if someone could make it i would be so grateful. Camera needn't have any other feature except zoom and possibility of being used from inside the vehicle.

Thanks a bunch in advance, Meemy.

P.S. I didn't post this in suggestions sections for the reasons that there might be somewhere for RageMP , this, that i am looking for , so i post it in discussions.

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