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Player Chat need Help


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i want to create a player chat for different teams. What is the best way?

My Currnt style does not work


mp.events.add("policeoutfit2", (player) =>{//Police
    player.model = "s_m_y_swat_01";
    player.setVariable('fraktion', 5)                           //VARIABLE FOR CHAT


mp.events.add("playerChat" , (player, message) => {
        if(player.getVariable('fraktion') == 5)//police                //TypeError: Cannot read property 'getVariable' of undefined
            player.data.ChatColor = [255, 255, 255];

        let PlayerColor = player.data.ChatColor;
        mp.players.broadcast("!{"+PlayerColor+"}"+player.name+"["+player.id+"]!{#FFFFFF}: "+message); // send player message


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const teamData = {
    Team1 : "#ff0000",
    Team2 : "#0000ff"
const white = "#FFFFFF"
mp.events.add('changeTeam', (player, newTeam) => {
    player.data.currentTeam = newTeam
    player.data.colorTeam = teamData[player.data.currentTeam]

mp.events.add("playerChat" , (player, message) => {
    mp.players.broadcast(`!{${player.data.colorTeam}} ${player.name} [${player.id}]: !{${white}}${message}`)

this is a model of an implementation that I use, use the way you want

do you want or chat to appear for everyone, or just for your team?

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First i try to create a global chat with the different team colors. Then i want to create an internal chat for each team.

How can i call it?

mp.events.call("changeTeam", "Team1"); ?

I have an Error TypeError: Cannot set property 'currentTeam' of undefined

player.data.currentTeam = newTeam;

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playerJoin event: player.data = {}


for chat team:

make use of any symbol at the beginning of the message, example !:

playerChat event:

if (message[0] == '!'){

message = message.slice(1)

mp.players.forEach(p => {

if(p.data.currentTeam == player.data.currentTeam){





and call the event changeTeam with any command and use mp.events.call('changeTeam', (player, 'Team1'))


I wrote this with my cellphone, this is just a way, it shouldn't be 100% right. Visit the wiki

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