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Mapping for Rage 1.1-DP#1


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I am currently playing around abit with RageMP  1.1-DP#1.

Therefore I created a map using "Codewalker" wich I wanted to import into my server. Problem : It seems that it is not loaded.

I used different Tutorials (The one here in the Tutorial Section, a Russian one which I didnt understand but followed the steps he showed 1by1 and I German one by a dude from GVMP). I think that these Tutorials might be outdated and are meant to be used for Rage 0.3.7 as for me it doesnt work. 

What was my approach?

I created my map using Codewalker, gave every entity the flag 32. Using the sample dlc-base from the tutorial here in the forum,  I opened the dlc.rpf in OpenIV and added my .ymap into the "custom_maps.rpf". I then extracted the custom_maps.rpf to use it with Archivefix. I then deleted the custom_maps.rpf in the dlc.rpf and replaced it with the one I just fixed. After that I dragged my dlc.rpf into Archivefix. Then I took the folder which included my dlc.rpf and dragged it into server-files/client_packages where I created an "dlcpacks" folder. I then started my server and realised that the weight of my client-side packages was increased. Joining the game and driving to the place my map should be located I realised : Nothing is there.

Potential fixes I had found:

- I found in some forum that a guy said that in the new version of RageMP the "dlcpacks" folder needs to go into "server-files/client_packages/game_resources". Unluckily it doesnt work for me.

- I found a plugin called "RPF Encryption" with the purpose of not needing to use Archive fix and the dlc.rpf should be automatically placed into the right folder. For me: The server crashes on start.

- Is my "ymap" not working? I tried importing my map to "GTA Single Player"  and found that my map is displayed correctly. So I guess my ymap is fine.

As I tried all these things and nothing really seems to work, I wanted to ask for help here. Did anyone of you import a ymap successfully to your server in "RageMP 1.1-DP#1". If so, could you please help me out? 

Best Regards, 


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On 29/8/2020 at 20:00, rerovoice said:

Tôi đang tìm người lập bản đồ cho một dự án trong gta5. Thanh toán có thể thương lượng, nhưng tốt. Viết thư tới telegram @REROVoice
Và gửi các ví dụ và giá cả của bạn

I am a MOD creator for GTA, I have interior mods for police stations, houses, hospitals .... !! Contact me if you need: [email protected]

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