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Game crash at launch, incompatible?


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Issue Being Reported: Game crashes when launching

Date and Time of Issue (provide timezone): 6/25/2020 

Your characters name: N/A

Other player(s) involved: N/A

Evidence and/or notes worth mentioning:

Hi, first timer here.

1. Everything works fine(connecting to steam and rockstar) until the launch cycle then it shuts down and shows "End of Support" ,1.PNG.


I tried troubleshoot compatibility for Windows 10, 7,8, and Vista. Vista worked for me twice but with many attempts in between. While attempting the quiz I alt tabbed and it removed me from the quiz. I closed the app and tried to relaunch to finish the quiz. After many attempts I got into the game with Vista. This happened twice. I tried to join a different server on RAGE MP and it worked the first time I launched. When I alt tabbed for the quiz section and had to relaunch client to continue the quiz, I couldn't connect anymore. Sometimes I don't get the "End of support" when the game fails to launch. Also I realized that multiple rockstar and steam clients open up. When I hover my mouse over the icons, they disappear. 


I have windows 10 home version 2004. This is the free version from the medial tool, with a cracked/shared product key. Is it possible that my OS is the reason why I cant log in consistently?

So far I've done everything listed on the bottom of this forum link.

Note: I bought GTA V off steam a week ago.


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