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Vehicle Spawn Function Bugged

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Hello, im creating the vehicles with this function in a team deathmatch gamemode:

function spawnTeamVeh(player, vehicleName) {
    let oldCar = player.data.teamVeh;
    if (oldCar) oldCar.destroy();
    let teamName = player.data.teamName;
    let teamVeh = mp.vehicles.new(mp.joaat(vehicleName), vehicleData[teamName].Location,
            locked: false, 
            heading: vehicleData[teamName].Heading,
            dimension: 0
    teamVeh.setColor(vehicleData[teamName].Color, vehicleData[teamName].Color);
    teamVeh.setMod(11, 3);
    teamVeh.setMod(12, 2);
    teamVeh.setMod(13, 2);
    teamVeh.setMod(15, 3);
    teamVeh.setMod(18, 0);
    setTimeout( () => {
        player.putIntoVehicle(teamVeh, 0);
        }, 200);        
    player.data.teamVeh = teamVeh;

When im solo or we are 2-3 players cars work fine but with 5-10 players cars start bugging, like one player spawns a car and makes another car teleport to their location, or sometimes teleport to random locations.
How could I do the code to make it more efficient and avoid this type of bugs?(1.1)

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