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Hiring experienced developer for a long-term hardcore roleplay project


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Hi community!

I am the owner of a fresh community that has been under development for around two months now. The server we aim for is a hardcore roleplay gamemode. We already have the staff members (~12) actively participating in server-related discussions on the forum and as well some development which has been node in NodeJS and an User Control Panel (script-wise) . 

Unfortunately, our main developer decided that he needs to turn his focus away from this project due to important real life matters and right now we are looking for someone capable of turning this dream of ours into reality. Like mentioned, the script we have done so far was made in NodeJS but if you believe C# is the way to go, you're more than welcome to express your skills that way.

I am looking for somoene mature, willing to bring the roleplay environment to another level.

This is a paid work, on a very long-term if the server is successful, which undoubtedly will be if you would be able portray our ideas and suggestions into coding lines.

Feel free to private-message me if you have any questions.

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