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Issue on for Rage 1.1-DP#1 on IPL Load

Dimitri Stupakis

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I'm working on a server and migrate my project from 0.3.7. to DP1.1.

After updating all the code everything looks fine, also the Casino and other IPL was loaded without any issue.
But after starting the server/client several times (i did no changes on the IPL load etc.) now the Casino is not loaded, also other IPL's are not loaded. (looks like that it ignores now the IPL load)

I also trigger the load of IPL again by a command, still not working.??
Any ideas what could be wrong???

Once the player logged in i do at the end of the login:

Serverside:   c.TriggerEvent("LoadIpls");


mp.events.add("LoadIpls", () => {

let phIntID = mp.game.interior.getInteriorAtCoords(976.636, 70.295, 115.164);
    let phPropList = [

    for (const propName of phPropList) {
        mp.game.interior.enableInteriorProp(phIntID, propName);
        // mp.game.invoke("0x8D8338B92AD18ED6", phIntID, propName, 1); // _SET_INTERIOR_PROP_COLOR --> native error > native stimmt nicht.



It worked on 0.3.7 and also 2 days after migration, but now the IPL won't be loaded?
Please help.

I added an output in js, I got a feedback from js-script so it runs, but the IPL's wont show.

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Just reading, searching, try....

All the ressource have to go to: server-files\client_packages\game_resources\dlcpacks

Adding a folder: server-files\client_packages\game_resources\common\data

Putting gameconfig.xml in the data folder .. you can find it in the forum... that's it..

If you are using 3rd. party IPL/Mods => they impacting each other sometimes ... be careful and doublecheck once you add a new one.

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