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This function aims to simplify mp.game.gameplay.displayOnscreenKeyboard usage by doing all the work for you and returning a promise.



title: Title shown on the input box. Default: empty string

defaultText: Default value of the input box. Default: empty string

maxLength: Obvious enough, maximum length of the input. Default: 32

showMaxLength: If true, will display max length on title. Default: false

trimResult: Removes whitespace from the player's input. Default: true

rejectIfEmpty: If true, empty input causes promise rejection instead of resolving with an empty string. Default: true

timeout: If higher than 0, input box will close & promise will be rejected with the reason "timeout" if the player fails to write something in specified milliseconds. Default: 0


Rejection reasons

empty: When the player didn't write anything, needs rejectIfEmpty option to be true.

cancelled: When the player closes the input box.

keyboard_not_active: No idea on this one, it was in the native description so it's supported.

timeout: When the player fails to write something in the specified time, needs timeout option to be set.



The function and example is on GitHub Gist: https://gist.github.com/root-cause/5137a2b71c922bd24534462595b84a0f



- Needs RAGE Multiplayer 1.1 and above since it uses GXT API.

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