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Vehicle setHandling on 1.1.0#DP1


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Does anyone has working example how to edit vehicle handling? I have one, but that isn't perfect,  because  handling only changes when vehicle goes out of stream and then back. For example, every time when I edit handling I need to teleport away from vehicle and then back.

mp.events.add('UpdateVehicleHandling', (json, save = false) => {
	//mp.gui.chat.push("json " + json);
	if (json == null || json == "" || json == "[]") { return; }
	var obj = JSON.parse(json);
	for (var key in obj) {
		var value = obj[key];
		if(key.toString() == "maxSpeed") {
		else {
			mp.players.local.vehicle.setHandling(key.toString(), value);
	mp.players.local.vehicle.model = mp.players.local.vehicle.model
	if(save == true) {
		mp.events.callRemote("saveDealerVehicleHandling", json);


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