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Some Features and Ideas


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Hi there,

I saw myself some cool Features which would be cool if they are in RageMP too.
And some missing Functions on C# Client which are there on Javascript Client.

Missing Functions:

  • Vehicle::RPM which is totaly missing on a C# Client
  • "Vehicle::Gear" is missing too on the C# Client.

My Problem is that GTA V has no known Native to get the Vehicle RPM, mostley they need to get readed out of the game memory for both of them.
As example i found this c++ reference here which includes the offesets.

//Edit: got Implemented! Thank you!


Features which would be cool. I just saw it on a "Five:M Script" which i got as reference is

  • vehicle.GetAllDoors() to get an Int Array with all avaible Doorsindexes
  • vehicle.GetAllWindows() to get an int Array with all avaible WindowIndex like [ 0, 1, 2, 3, 6, 7 ] as example of a normal 5 doors Car or [ 0, 1, 6, 7 ] could be a Panto.
    • Both should return an empty Array or NULL if the vehicle has no windows or Doors.



If I Get more ideas will expand this.

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Some more Missing C# Client Functions:

  • Vehicle::SetHandling
  • mp.game.graphics.setLightsState

Functions not Working or has Problems:

  • RAGE.Game.Audio.SetAudioFlag() does his job but not with "LoadMPData" anymore
  •  mapObject.SetCollision( false, false ); or RAGE.Game.Entity.SetColision( mapObject.Handle, false, false )
    Object changes no colision or physics. Only Tested directly after creation!


When I find more i will expand this.

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