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Player coords


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Hi, I'm trying to get a player coords.

mp.events.addCommand("pos", (player) => {
    new x;
    new y;
    new z;
    const localplayer = mp.players.local(new mp.Vector3(x, y, z));
    let pPos = localplayer.getCoords();

    mp.gui.chat.push("Coords: " + JSON.stringify(pPos));

But this does not work. Any help please?

Thank you.

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mp.events.addCommand("pos", (player) => {
    player.outputChatBox("Coords: " + JSON.stringify(player.position));

This should be all you need to output player's position. This is a server side script.

It looks like you were mixing server-side scripting with client-side scripting in your code. I'd suggest taking a look at the RageMP Wiki for some tips.

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