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ChatAPI in 1.1.0 [c#]


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I have a custom chat with chatAPI

var chatAPI = {
    push: (message) => {...},
	clear: ()=> {...},
	activate: (toggle) => {...},
    show: (toggle) => {...} }

In 1.1.0 added new chat API initerface

let api = {"chat:push": chatAPI.push, "chat:clear": chatAPI.clear, "chat:activate": chatAPI.activate, "chat:show": chatAPI.show}; 

for(let fn in api)
	mp.events.add(fn, api[fn]);


Where do I put this piece of code to make my custom chat work? 

I put it in a file with an API, called it as a separate function, called from Client-side, added this new events to Client-side, but nothing helped.

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