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RAGE launcher crashing during establishing connection


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Dear Readers/Supporters

I've got a problem with the Rage Multiplayer Launcher, I play on a German Server called Designated Life, sometimes when try to join the Server its starts the Launcher, it even tries to establish a connection, then in the Launcher before the GTA5.exe even starts it crashes without a crash report.

The supporter of the server, a friend of mine and me did some troubleshooting

We tried ...
Re-installed Rage MP
Re-installed the Servers own Mod launcher and the Mods too
We changed the DNS server address
transferred the Files from a working version of the Rage Multiplayer to my
a Router restart
Rage launched as Administrator
multiple PC restarts
Rage files were moved to the same disc as Gta5

I tried to connect over direct and the Server list all without success
the last idea I've got is to wipe my computer clean, but that's the last thing i want to do
I hope for some help


Mabye somebody could send me the old version of RAGE launcher 

sincerely Vokun

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