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while(true){ setTimeout();} not working.


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Hey guys.

Problem with "setTimeout"... When i using only while(true), it's working OK or when i using only setTimerout(); it's working OK , too. BUT! When i using setTimeout and while , together.. it's not working. How I should do script, for Timer int while()? sorry for my English.

mp.events.add("playerEnterColshape", (playershape=> {
    if(shape == CarrierShape){                
        player.notify('You started downloading cargo-box. ');
        vehicle.colshape = true;
        while(true){   // it's check vehicle on colshape
            setTimeout(() => {
                vehicle.width += 10;
                player.outputChatBox('Downloading : ' + player.vehicle.getVariable('width')); 
                if(vehicle.width >= 500) break;
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