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Microphone problems in RAGE.


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Hello, I have a problem with the microphone in the GTA 5 game, on the RP server. When I start the game through RAGE, no one hears me in the voice chat. In a regular GTA online, everything works, the drivers are normal, there are no problems with the microphone anywhere else, only when you start the game with RAGE. How do I fix the problem? The administration of the server I play with, they themselves did not cope with the problem, they advised to contact you.

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22 hours ago, dbat477 said:

any fix in the end


Don't bump threads. Simply post another one if you have a problem that someone had one year ago. 

Go to Settings > Voice Chat. Check if you have selected the right microphone to use and the volume of the microphone is up and running. Also try looking into Recording Devices and see if you have the default microphone selected. 

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