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RageMP 1.1, C# Client, Visual Studio 2019 and debugging


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Hi all,

Im just started with RageMP Development and have a little Problem with Client debugging. The normal code writting works fine with RAGE, rage-sharp.dll, cs_packages and all the stuff. So if I write something and build, it will work fine in the Client. My Problem is the pure Debugging with set Breakpoint, see Values and all the normal Dev Stuff ^^

Here some information about my dev environment:

  • Source folder is "E:\Projects\RageMp\boc-gta5-ragemp-rpg\Code\Client\BoC-Client" . Here is the git checkout and the Visual Studio 2019 workspace.
  • Game folder is "F:\Games\RAGEMP"
  • The output Folder is not changed inside VS and is still inside the source folder, because I don't want to have all the build folders and stuff there. For this I added a post build action inside the csproj file.
      <MySourceFiles Include=".\**\*.*" Exclude=".\bin\**\*.*; .\obj\**\*.*; .\Properties\**\*.*; .\BoC-Client.csproj"/>
    <Target Name="CopyFiles" AfterTargets="build">

    This works great and i get only the raw *.cs files in my cs_packages folder.

What I don't get, is a valid Debugging. So I wan't to click on F5 (Run debugging) and Visual Studio do his stuff and debug my Code. I tried to configure it like my Server configuration, but it won't work. When I added the ragemp_v.exe as an executable Programm inside the Debugging Tab "like the ragemp-server.exe" of the Project Properties, Windows shows me a Dialog where he want to save the project, closing VS and start it as a different User again??!!??

I searched tons of hours with google about a turorials or for People who have the same problem, but if I found one, than it will be RageMPVersion 0.3.7 and have mostly no debugging inside....or I found server-side doku.. but this part works fine :)

Have anyone an Idea what I need to do, to get a Client debugging. This will helps me a lot and I can stop my console.log happy debugging.

thanks in advance


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